Mrs. Pam Johnson

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JohnsonMrs. Pam Johnson grew up in Pella, IA, and attended Central College there in her home town. Pam also has a masters degree from Southern Illinois University, and attended one year of seminary in Lansdale, PA after she was saved.

While living in Elmira, NY, Pam listened to radio broadcasts from Hillcrest Baptist Church and began attending. After some time, she wanted to join the church. Pastor Sydney Aldrich led her to the Lord before an evening service in February of 1975. She was baptized a short time later.

Pam has two brothers, one a twin. They live in Sioux Falls, SD and Grand Junction, CO. She also has four stepsons and families from her marriage to Bill in 1998, who passed away in September of 2005.

Pam enjoys watching her grandchildren play sports, painting small wooden crafts, reading, walking, football, and baseball.

Pam counts teaching second graders as a joy, privilege, and great responsibility. She loves this ministry!