Mr. Tim Jones

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JonesMr. Tim Jones was saved when he was six years old. During a tornado in 1964 it became abundantly clear that if he died, he was not ready for heaven. Tim asked his mom what he needed to do to be saved. She shared several verses from Romans with him and they knelt together in their living room and he prayed, confessed his sins, and asked Jesus to be his Saviour.

Tim was born and raised in Southwest Wisconsin on a Dairy farm. He attended college in Kansas City, Missouri and earned his bachelors degree from Calvary Bible College in 1981. He met his wife, Diana in college. They were married and returned to Wisconsin where they operated their family farm for eleven years. During that time he taught one year in their church school and discovered that he absolutely loved it. He has been teaching and Diana has been involved in Nursing since they left the farm in 1992.

Tim and Diana have two sons, Timothy and Stephen. Timothy teaches with his wife Niki in Kennesaw, Georgia. They have two boys, Logan and Blake. Stephen is a deputy sheriff for Dane County here in Wisconsin. His wife Misty is a teacher and is expecting our third grandson in September.

Tim and Diana enjoy taking motorcycle trips in the summer as well as boating and fishing.