Fine Arts

Fine Arts 2019-03-11T13:18:53-05:00

Calvary offers a variety of music including vocal and instrumental opportunities for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Students are able to receive instrument lessons, sing in choir as well as participate in local and state Academic Meets. School programs and concerts give the students an opportunity to use their talents in a public setting and see how these tools can be used in ministry. CBCS offers its students Art, Music, and Speech.

Lots of creative learning will be happening this year at CBCS. All art classes are learning about color by studying God’s perfect rainbow.  Each class is making a color wheel   at their own ability level.  It is exciting to see each class learn how to use the three primary colors of paint to create brand new colors.  The kindergarteners made hand print color charts and saw color change before their eyes as they rubbed their hands together. The older students are going on to add personal elements of design to broaden their “color wheel” into picture form. The results are quite spectacular!

Throughout this year, a variety of art media will be used to create fascinating and beautiful projects. The classes will learn principles of drawing and painting,  as well as three dimensional learning with paper-maché, clay and other exciting materials.   As principles of perspective, form and elements of good composition will be taught, students will begin to “see” better and their art abilities will grow and mature. There will be a rotating CBCS Art Gallery in the corridor to the left of the CBCS office. Please be sure to come by and see what the students have designed!

Our students have many wonderful musical opportunities here at CBCS. All students in grades K-8 participate in a variety of musical programs each year.

Elementary General Music

General music classes for the K-4th graders include a variety of choral and instrumental experiences. A pre-instrumental program of music theory instruction using recorders during 4th grade prepares them to participate in elementary band.

Elementary Beginning Band

All students in 5th and 6th grade participate in learning music by learning a band instrument. The band program is part of their elementary curriculum. No previous band experience is required.

Elementary Chorus

All 5th and 6th graders participate in vocal training in a choral experience. Bands generally meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday and choirs meet Tuesday and Thursday.

Junior High Concert Band & Choir

All 7th and 8th grade students participate in both Band and Choir at CBCS. This is a wonderful opportunity for each of our students to hone their God given talents in music and prepares them to make intelligent choices about their future involvement in music as they enter High School. We also have several performance and ministry opportunities throughout the year.

The main goal of the speech department at CBCS is to help students learn the skills of effective communication. By learning these proper skills, it is our goal that students will build confidence in speaking and acting in front of others. Learning to communicate effectively will help students as they grow older and face the potential of interviewing for jobs. Hopefully this confidence will also encourage the students to become involved in WACS competition and to use their abilities in various ministry opportunities.

The students are offered a variety of opportunities in which to sharpen their communication skills. Most every week we study a different avenue of communication, and the assignments have proven to be beneficial and fun.