Calvary Baptist Christian School Fine Arts

Available Fine Arts Programs

Calvary offers a variety of music including vocal and instrumental opportunities for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Students are able to receive instrument lessons, sing in choir, as well as participate in the annual sprint Fine Arts Festival. School programs and concerts give students an opportunity to use their talents in a public setting, and to see how these tools can be used in ministry. CBCS offers Art, Band, Choir, and Speech.



All students in grades K-8 participate in a variety of musical programs each year.

Elementary General Music:

General music classes for K4-4th grade include a variety of choral and instrumental experiences. A pre-instrumental program of music theory instruction using recorders during the 4th grade prepares them to participate in elementary band.

Elementary Beginning Band:

All students in 5th and 6th grade participate in learning music by learning a band instrument. The band program is part of their elementary curriculum. No previous band experience is required.

Elementary Chorus:

All 5th and 6th graders participate in vocal training in a choral experience. Bands generally meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and choirs meet Tuesday and Thrusday.

Junior High Choir and Band:

7th and 8th grade students participate in both band and choir. This opportunity allows students to hone their God-given talents and prepare them to make wise choices about further musical pursuits.


Students in K4-4th grade enjoy weekly art classes, with an ultimate goal of developing talents for the glory of God. 

K4-1st grade begin to learn to draw, paint with washable paint or watercolors, cut, use textures in artwork, sculpt, and more!

2nd-4th grades learn more about drawing with perspective,  painting with accuracy, blending colors, using lines and shapes, cool and warm colors, sculpting, and more! 

Drama & Speech

The goal of the speech department at CBCS is to help students learn the skills of effective communication. By learning these proper skills, students will build confidence in speaking and acting in front of others. We encourage students to build on this confidence by being involved in the spring WACS state competiton (3rd-8th grades), the school play (6th-8th grades), and to use their abilities in various ministry opportunities.